Baderloo Poll Merinos

"Baderloo is the genetic solution to,
more meat, more wool, more lambs and no mulesing."

Rounding Up Baderloo Sheep

Stud: Baderloo Poll Merinos   
Owners: Ann Hammat and Daniel & Demelza Hammat 
Location: Spalding, South Australia   
Annual rainfall: 450 mm
Mulesing ceased: 2004

Property Management

Baderloo Property
Baderloo Property

Baderloo is situated 22km south of Jamestown in the Mid North of South Australia.
The area is a reliable mixed farming district, which receives an average of 450mm of predominately winter rain a year.
Our property is in four lots totalling 800ha with strong hills grazing and a balance of arable land. We are fortunate to have a further 1200ha of grazing from two other neighbouring properties mainly for their summer stubbles. This enables us to spell the hills during summer while the sheep graze through the stubbles before returning to lamb once the season breaks in April.
We only supplementary feed grain once the stubbles are exhausted and to maintain ewes in good order once joined.
Our lambs are weaned onto clean pastures and young rams get the run of a standing oats crop.

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2016 Newsletter

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On Property Inspection Day
Sunday 7th August 2016
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October Shearing
1180 lambs shorn averaged 57mm at 4 months.
Top lambs exceeding 85mm at 4 months sires up to 110mm at 6 months.
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Baderloo Client Tops Jamestown Market
Topping the market by $68/head receiving $202/ head for 100 2014 drop ewes, a fine example of a committed breeder, consistently producing superior quality animals.

Redesigning the Merino Workshop - July 3rd 2015
The workshop was "a great success with 47 people in attendance".
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Stock Journal - 28th Aug 2014
"Jamestown's best ewes hit $149 top"
The best 2013-drop breeding ewes were 150 Baderloo-blood ewes from Gumbowie P/L which made $149.
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